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Fashion Trends During The Covid'19 Era

The entire world has been impacted by the Covid'19 pandemic situation, including the manufacturing, design, and the fashion industry. When you have to stay at home and wear masks all the time, you probably won't wear fancy outfits and a lot of makeup (lipstick wouldn't be of any use wearing masks) instead you'll probably think of wearing something casual, comfortable, and most importantly sustainable. Fashion trends had to change and this is the major shift in all of our lives.

Sporty Comfort is a Priority at this point

Who would have ever thought that a pandemic will actually result in more healthy activities? That's right, Men are actively hosting Instagram work out sessions from home and utilizing their times carrying healthy lifestyles. The preference at this point is clothing that is comfortable, sporty, and of good quality considering the yoga and other healthy activities people are carrying out at homes. As a result, activewear saw a huge rise in sales across America in particular during the covid'19 period. All sorts of tracksuits including leggings, sweatshirts, and sweat shorts are trending.

Cycling is another healthy activity that is being adopted by people of all ages, thus it comes as a no surprise that high-quality cycling shorts are also in the trend. 

Designers face masks. Yes, you read that right!

The fashion trends during the confinement periods are more focused on comfortable and sustainable lifestyles and now the face masks are the essential part of your outfit. Considering the necessity of face masks different clothing brands came up with creative face mask designs that are being accepted and this trend is probably going to stay! For ladies, under the masks, their lipsticks are useless but wearing creative masks along with some elegant eyewear definitely does justice to the half-covered faces.

Interestingly, eye make up is also trending and eyewear products witnessed a boom in sales.

Fashion getting cheaper!

Affordability is one of the biggest problems nowadays as the industries and businesses have witnessed downfalls around the world because of the lockdown situation. Considering the fact, amongst the most famous fashion trend nowadays is the availability of affordable clothing. Not only that jewelers and clothing lines featuring more than one brand have fewer reasons to charge more for the products on the basis of brand difference. In fact, some of these online stores are offering great discounts on branded products and affordable Ambush clothing is available for all.

Slippers taking over heels

Another trend in fashion during this lockdown is increasing the use of sliders, crocs, and flip flops as footwear. With so many cool varieties these footwears are so comfy and it's so calming to wear them staying indoors in a confined environment.

Work from home is here to stay, and wearing high heels and those least comfortable shoes from 9 to 5 is no more a thing. Now people actually prefer casual footwear over formal.

Why give pain to your feet, when you are not going anywhere?

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