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Getting Ready for Winter: Top 5 Fashion Influencers to Inspire Your Perfect Outlook

Choosing the right outfits for the new season is challenging. Social media like Instagram become the place to find good examples from other people and think about appropriate styles. A special tool like a story saver for Instagram helps you collect the best looks.

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What Are the Best Fashion Accounts to Get Ideas From?

There are a lot of influencers on IG who specialize in clothing and its latest trends. By following them, you will save yourself hours of thinking about what item will suit you and how classy it will be. We won’t mention every name associated with vogue in socials. Instead, we will focus on a few Insta pages that will be useful now, for finding wardrobe inspiration ahead of winter.

  • Lauren Meyer (@_lomeyer_). You should check out the profile of this influencer from Minneapolis, a place where you will definitely feel the winter. Simple and perfect casual style gives you the right concepts of ideal outfits for the winter season.
  • Kat Farmer (@doesmybumlook40). What could be better than learning fashion hacks from an actual stylist from the UK who knows a lot about the right look? And although this is the page for more grown-ups, you can still find something useful there.
  • Leonie Hanne (@leoniehanne). A much bigger account with almost 5 million subscribers. This German model and fashion entrepreneur collaborates with many famous brands, so you can see various designs.
  • Sophia Roe (@SOPHIAROE). There is a lot of content with a street look on the Instagram profile of this Copenhagen influencer. It’s worth mentioning.
  • Will Taylor (@brightbazaar). The interior designer from NYC who shares his practical outfits and different tips on his Insta page. This can be useful for a male audience.


How the Instagram Story Viewer Is Handy to You?

For fashion influencers, it’s convenient to share their stylish outfits with their audience through photos, videos, or Reels. But subscribers also can learn some practical information by viewing their Stories. The catch with this format is that it’s only available for 24 hours unless the user saves it as a highlight. To avoid the risk of deletion, it’s recommended to use the online Instagram Story Viewer. This tool gives you the ability to watch Instagram Stories and most importantly, download them from any public account. The last part is a huge advantage, as you can view the content whenever you want and as many times as you need, without worrying about limits and other things.

Quick explanations and best features of the IG Story Viewer:

  • The instrument works online, which makes the process easy. No matter what device you use: iPhone, Android smartphone, or PC. It’s compatible with all of this.
  • Story Viewer is anonymous. No one will be able to notice that you are watching or saving their posts.
  • The tool is free. But there is a special paid function for monitoring and downloading older Stories.
  • Saving someone else’s content on social networks is legal if it’s for personal use only.

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The Inflact service provides you with the best working Story Viewer. Keep all stylish ideas and working tips on how to create the perfect outfit. Stay elegant.



Instagram is a good platform for following certain profiles and exploring the latest fashion trends. Don’t be afraid to use special instruments for Instagram to catch every piece that has been shared there.

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