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How to Purchase High-Quality Wholesale Jeans for Store Owners

If you own a clothing store, wholesale suppliers are your lifeblood, as they’ll provide you with the clothing inventory necessary to keep your doors open and your customer base returning. In this article, we take a look at how store owners can seek out truly high-quality wholesale jeans that both themselves and their customers will love. We’ll also offer 5 steps to make sure store owners are empowered when it comes to purchasing wholesale jeans

Few clothing items are as reliable as jeans. Whether you’re kicking back at your house on a weekend, heading out to a casual social event and unsure of what to wear, or just interested in wearing fitted pants that offer support and comfort - jeans are an option that pretty much all of us can fall back on.

But getting a good pair of denims can actually be quite tough in today’s world. Fast fashion and cheaply-made garments have hurt the clothing industry, meaning you have to be thorough when it comes to getting the best. 

Wholeshale jeans

Store owners are already aware of all this, which is why they’ll seek out the best suppliers to purchase their wholesale jeans. But, if you’re a store owner, you might ask yourself: How do I go about finding the right wholesalers?

Here are some tips to help store owners out:

First up. What do we mean when we say ‘good jeans’?

For most wearers, a simple indicator of ‘good jeans’ are pairs which are durable, comfortable, and offer plenty of stretch. If the customer feels good wearing them and trusts in how they feel, that’s half the battle over already!

But as a store owner, you’ll want to go to greater lengths to guarantee that the wholesale jeans you’ve just bought are of the highest quality possible and won’t lead to returns.

So, you need to consider other issues, such as:

-  Construction of the jeans

When you’ve found wholesale jeans you like the look of, the next step is properly assessing the quality of how they were made. Make sure the stitching is neat and even. Make sure you see reinforced seams on the crotch and pocket areas (which are more exposed to wear and tear). And, above all, make sure the high quality is consistent across the wholesale batch that you intend on buying.

-  How they fit

Most store owners will already know that the weight and feel of fabric can indicate its quality. But it’s worth actually trying on a pair to fully appreciate not just the quality, but how your customers might look wearing a pair. Ask yourself questions such as: Would these jeans appeal to your customer base? Does this pair of skinny/bootcut/straight-leg denims actually look good on me, as well as suggest high quality?

-  Whether attention has been paid to the small details

The mark of real quality in clothing is how much attention the manufacturer has paid to the smaller details. For example, you might ask questions such as: Are the buttons and zippers on the jeans sturdy and unlikely to break? Are the hems neat and reliable? If there are any fashionable markings/patterns on the jeans, have they been done stylishly or do they look tacky?

Once you’ve considered all these things, it’s time to go out looking for wholesale jeans suppliers.

Here are 5 steps to help you out with your search:

5 Steps to purchasing high-quality wholesale jeans from suppliers

Step 1: Consider which brands you want in your store

Before you even think of starting your search for wholesale jeans suppliers, take some time to actually consider which brands you want to be selling in your store. It should be obvious, but you’ll want to stock brands that are currently in demand and which fit the latest popular trends.

It’s a well-worn business theory: If you’re purchasing supplies - you need to make sure there’s a demand for these items.

The last thing you want is to have a clothing store full of excess inventory that you can’t get rid of!

Step 2: Seek out reputable wholesale suppliers

There are plenty of wholesale jeans suppliers out there on the global marketplace - most of whom ship all over the world. This means store owners have no excuse when it comes to finding reputable suppliers. As a priority, store owners should be prepared to:

  • Do research and invest time in contacting prospective suppliers;
  • Read reviews and testimonials about the suppliers they're interested in working with;
  • Learn about their ordering processes (Eg. Do they have minimum order requirements?)
  • Understand how their delivery and shipping processes work (to see if ordering from one supplier is more feasible than another). 

Step 3: Understand the importance of quality

We mentioned it further up, but when it comes to good denim jeans, high quality is of the utmost importance.

The flipside, for clothing store owners, is that bad quality is actually very prevalent in the clothing industry. Due to fast fashion and cheaply-made garments, boutique store owners have to be very selective in where they buy their products.

Store owners looking to purchase wholesale jeans should make an extra effort to seek out reputable suppliers whose quality they can instantly trust.

Step 4: Understand the importance of pricing

If you’re a store owner, you likely have a pile of bills, a team of staff members on pay, and numerous other business matters to juggle in your head. The last thing you need is to be paying too much for your wholesale jeans.

If you’ve found a good supplier but the price isn’t right, always be prepared to look somewhere else!

Step 5: Build good relationships with vendors, suppliers and wholesalers

Ultimately, business comes down to making and maintaining good relationships. If you’re a store owner and you want to make sure you’re consistently stocking the highest-quality wholesale jeans - for the best prices on the market - you need to build solid relationships with your vendors, suppliers, and wholesalers.

Good relationships will not only ensure that you’ll be trusted, it will also stand you in good stead when it comes to issues such as:

  • Possibly getting a discount as a frequent buyer;
  • Sorting through issues such as returns or bad deliveries;
  • Negotiating pricing issues if there are any fluctuations in the clothing market.

Good luck in your search for high-quality wholesale jeans!

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