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Can You Edit Batch Images or Make Collages Using CapCut’s Online Editor?

Yes, editing batch images and making collages with CapCut is the simplest, easiest, and fun task. This amazing online photo editor by CapCut allows you to create impressively amazing images or collages. Along with allowing you to edit images one by one, this online editor also allows you to edit batch images altogether. Through this, it helps save time and stress of spending hours editing a great number of photos. Instead, you can use this incredible editor to instantly edit a large number of photos within the shortest possible time. 


What to Remember While Editing Batch Images?

To edit batch images with an online photo editor, it is important to keep certain things in mind. These are as follows:

  • The function to edit batch images here is free of cost. It means that you don’t need to pay anything to the editor to access this feature.
  • While editing batch images together, it is also important to keep in mind that sometimes, you need to pay attention to individual images as well. Some images in the batch may require more touchups while others don’t. Similarly, a particular image in the batch images may require low light enhancement while the others are perfectly fine. So, you can edit a single image as well from the batch if needed.
  • In addition, you can also choose to merge images online or save them to your gallery one by one. 

Useful Tips for Making Collages

Just like the above important insights into editing batch images, it is also important to pay attention to certain things while making collages. For example, look at the following important points before you make your first collage at CaoCut’s online editor.

  • There are different styles and formats for making collages. You must choose the one according to the number of your photos. For example, if you want to make a collage of three photos, choose a collage template with 3 photo sections.
  • Don’t just add the images to the collage template. Instead, also make further edits to the photos you add to your collage. For example, you can add text effects to them, use a sticker maker to make and add stickers to them, or use filters. You can also add frames and decide the border of your collage.
  • CapCut’s online photo editor allows you to download these collages without watermarks. So avail this opportunity and create as many impressive collages as you want.

What Else You Can Do With CapCut Online Photo Editor?

Besides allowing you to edit batch images and make collages, you can do much more with the CapCut online editor. For example, you can use this incredible online editor to restore your old photos to newer ones. Similarly, you can also color-correct your photos using the editor’s photo color correction tool.

Here, you can also upscale your photos from poor resolution to impressively higher resolution. The best thing is that while upscaling your photos, this editor never compromises the quality of photos. Instead, it increases the pixel count in the resulting photo to improve the quality as well as size.

Similarly, there are tons of other changes that you can make to your photos using this incredible online editor. No matter which changes you make here, you can save all of them to your device without any fee or watermarks on them. So, enjoy using this amazing online photo editor by CapCut and see how beautiful the experience it offers to you for editing your photos.

How to Make Collages Using CapCut Online Photo Editor?

To make collages on this mindblowing professional online photo editor, you would need to follow the below steps.

●      Step 1: Sign up

Create your free account on CapCut’s editor by visiting the link and logging in to your account. Then, click on the tools from the top bar and navigate to open the online photo editor.

●      Step 2: Choose a Template and Upload a Photo

On this editor’s left side panel, click on the templates and choose your desired template for the collage. Then, add your photos to the collage by using the upload icon.

●      Step 3: Edit

Use as many editing functions and tools here as you want to give the most impressive look to your collage. Also, set a beautiful border and text effects to your collage to uplift its visuals.


●      Step 4: Export

Use the export button to download and save your collage to your device.


Use CapCut’s online photo editor to make impressively amazing collages or to edit batch images online. All of these will not only cherish you through the surprising results but will also amaze you by saving you time and unnecessary editing stress. So, feel free to use this incredible editor and enjoy the creative time on it.

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